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Bombshell revelations about the Trump White House: It’s even worse than we feared
That patriotic "resistance" inside the White House that's supposedly containing Trump? It's not doing a great job
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"Good night, you stupid people!" clip from A FACE IN THE CROWD

    Don’t claim Trump’s doing nothing: He’s destroying the federal government
    Trump is draining the swamp — of anyone remotely competent or qualified. Rebuilding government may be impossible
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    Chilling. ...See more

    Monty Python - I Like Chinese (Official Lyric Video)

      Trump rattles his saber at the “caravan,” while Mnuchin splashes $1.3338 trillion in debt
      Trump's treasury just broke the trillion dollar debt mark and we are busy watching him bark at the southern border
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        Trump and the National Enquirer: David Pecker could be very bad news for Trump
        David Pecker, publisher of the National Enquirer, is coming clean at last. Trump knows that could spell doom
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        tRump will actually be done in by the historically premiere publication of Fake News: The National Enquirer.
          There is an element of karmic balance in that, no?
          Yes yes yes!
          First lady Melania Trump’s poll ratings tank amid increased public appearances
          Trump's favorability has fallen by 11 points in just two months – from 54 percent in October down to 43 percent
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          She is a fembot with no real opinion of her own, to be fair, apparently even she realized that she wasn't up to the job and would have preferred to li...See more
            Michael Cohen claims Trump knew hush-money payments were wrong: “Don’t believe what he is say...
            Cohen claimed his former boss directed him to break the law during the 2016 race Friday on "Good Morning America"
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            All we have to go on is your word, Cohen, and in a court of law that's not good enough. You admitted you knew it was wrong, and you (were) Trump's la...See more
              Hank Chinaski
              Still clinging to the belief that your hero did nothing wrong? You reek of desperation.
              Hank Chinaski
              Um…Hanky, they don't have to show the evidence to you, you understand. You're not the prosecution. You're not the judge. You're not the jury. You're n...See more
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              What does the media mean by “working class”? Somehow they’re always white
              Mainstream media's fetish for the "working class" seems to refer entirely to culturally conservative white folks
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              What does the media mean by “working class”? Somehow they’re always white ____________...See more

              The Actual Forgotten Working Class | January 17, 2018 Act 3 | Full Frontal on TBS

                Kellyanne Conway claims that calling President Donald Trump a liar is a “slur
                "You're saying he's not telling the truth. That's a slur. That's a slur," the White House aide said to Chris Cuomo
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                I saw that long trainwreck last night on CNN. What is keeping that shrill woman still employed in the WH? It's evident she's lost her mind, is she h...See more
                  She isn't talking to the public. She's talking to Trump, the RW base, and to some extent GOP pols and donors. ...See more
                  ICE targets good Samaritans: Another new low in Trump-era cruelty and complicity
                  Every week, this brutality becomes more normalized and we do nothing to stop it. Time to say: Not in our name
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                  You might even think that sneaking in to a country illegally is a bad idea, and no country allows it.
                    Todd Dunning
                    Go ahead and defend these deplorable tactics in your lust for white hegemony. Those jackboots look really good on you.
                    You are of course referring to the laws congress passed effecting immigration, correct?
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