It’s time for Roxy Music’s debonair art-glam to get its due
With Def Leppard also getting a Rock Hall nomination, glam is having a long-overdue moment
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Roxy Music is certainly deserving - and so the ridiculous R&RHoF will probably overlook them - especially since "prog" is a part of Roxy's pedigree - ...See more
    “Seinfeld,” “Breaking Bad” and beyond: “CinemAbility” explores Hollywood and disability
    A new documentary by Jenni Gold shows how depictions of disabilities have evolved in TV and film over the years
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    The disability that is often the worst depicted or ignored is that of mental health.
      Plagiarists or innovators? The Led Zeppelin paradox endures
      How can a band so slavishly derivative — and sometimes downright plagiaristic — be also considered innovative?
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      How's this for borrowing: ...See more

      Led Zeppelin『Good Times Bad Times』 を8歳小2女子ドラマー"よよか"が叩いてみた 8year old drummer "Yoyoka"

        Killgore Trout
        That's pretty friggin' awesome...could almost make one believe in reincarnation.
        Yep, this little tyke has been imbued with the spirit of John Bonham!
        SNL mocks Kanye West’s mental illness in new skit with Alec Baldwin as Trump
        "Saturday Night Live" poked fun at Kanye West's mentally ill rant to Donald Trump at the Oval Office
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        West has not been stable since his mother died. Something seemed to snap since he lost her. Maybe she was the one person that kept him grounded in r...See more
          Oh yeh, and trump is like he is because he suffered when he was sent to military school and his father gave him a million or more dollars to start his...See more
          Bourdain collaborator Joel Rose: “Anthony was just as your mom saw him on TV”
          Anthony Bourdain's co-author on their new graphic novel "Hungry Ghosts" — and on the tragedy of Bourdain's death
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          I always felt close to TB because he loved The Stooges and the Ramones, and we were the same age and had some of the same experiences, I will always a...See more
            Why Banksy’s self-destructing “Girl With Balloon” is worth even more shredded
            It's a great art-world paradox: resale value, prestige and cache are now far greater than the initial $1.4 million
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            My daughter first shared the news of this with me. My first reaction was, is this guy nuts? Then we talked about it and pretty much came to the same c...See more
              Killgore Trout
              Kilgore I love that Banksy was in the audience to witness his shredder at work. And I like that he isn't attached to his work in perpetuity but still ...See more
              Yeah, me too. He's got that certain spirit that some artists in the late 60s and early 70s had. He's definitely anti-establishment. I like that!