Alfonso Cuarón’s “Roma
The Academy Award winner's latest film — in theaters now and on Netflix Dec. 14 — more than earns its Oscar buzz
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Sounds visually like a good film, of the 'big screen' kind. Italian neo-realism II? But the plot seems like another tired family story.
    Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey Buckingham settle lawsuit over dismissal from band
    “I’m happy enough with it. I’m not out there trying to twist the knife at all,
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    The only thing people are wondering is why he was booted and that was not answered in this article.
      Not people who read the article - it says he was booted "reportedly at the behest of Stevie Nicks," and then links to an article from Rolling Stone qu...See more
      “Donald Trump is destroying truth
      Author of "How Fascism Works" says Trump and Republicans "are doing everything they can to suppress democracy"
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      Trump is Emmanuel Goldstein, and you leftists are the indoctrinated IngSocs mindlessly booing and hissing every time his name or likeness appears in f...See more
        Hank Chinaski
        Astonishing that you think that you are an expert on the thoughts and motivations of other people.
        Hank Chinaski
        Well that was a idiotic statement. Unsurprising coming from you. ...See more
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        Taylor Swift’s “Reputation’ is Grammys’ biggest snub
        Swift’s sixth LP is her least-nominated since her self-titled debut
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        The Grammys are a joke. The reward popularity not skill or innovation.
          Natalie Portman is a force of nature in intense and stunning “Vox Lux
          Brady Corbet's sophomore effort about celebrity and trauma is anchored by Portman's edgy performance
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          Love me some Natalie!
            Killgore Trout
            And now, that's she's an adult, the thought police, won't come arrest us...lol
            Bill Mathisen
            She IS a real beauty! Smart too.
            Plagiarists or innovators? The Led Zeppelin paradox endures
            How can a band so slavishly derivative — and sometimes downright plagiaristic — be also considered innovative?
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            How's this for borrowing: ...See more

            Led Zeppelin『Good Times Bad Times』 を8歳小2女子ドラマー"よよか"が叩いてみた 8year old drummer "Yoyoka"

              Killgore Trout
              That's pretty friggin' awesome...could almost make one believe in reincarnation.
              Yep, this little tyke has been imbued with the spirit of John Bonham!